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Asynchronous courses

With asynchronous training, you can buy a course and review it wherever you want and as many times as you want, forever. Once purchased, the course is yours, forever!
No longer worry about writing down every word said by the teacher or losing the thread and not understanding anything: just review the course and your learning will be safe!
Finally, with the asynchronous mode, you will be able to attend real lectio magistralis held by professors otherwise unattainable.

Leaning on Zoom, AMELVI Srl allows you to follow live lessons and real webinars.
Connect wherever you are and interact with teachers and your classmates in real time, thanks to the features provided by Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinar: ask questions via chat, participate in study groups, answer surveys, share your screen and even more.
Learn as if you were live, and with even more involvement thanks to technology!

Blended courses

In Blended Learning, the frontal lesson in the classroom is combined with e-learning. This way, you can:

  • Improve your learning by being able to review the theory whenever you want and focus on practical experience!

  • Save money: fewer hotel days, meals, lost working days mean more money left in your pocket!

  • Gain time to be with family, friends, rest or any other interest you have!

  • Participate in the practice when you can! Once you have purchased the course, you can in fact subscribe to any edition of the practical part.


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