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The Full Story


It was 2016 when AMELVI Srl was founded.Initially for the organization of Medical-Scientific Events, but also created for the marketing of electromedicals, its experience of supporting international companies such as Intermedic Arfran, a world leader in production, begins in 2020. and marketing of medical lasers with a particular vocation to phlebology. 

Image by Micaela Parente


AMELVI Srl has the firm intention of finding a meeting point between the values of the personal sphere such as family, honesty, genuineness and health and professional and commercial ones such as quality, fairness, trust; bring human and interpersonal values back to the center of work and professional relationships.
The delicate sector in which he is about to undertake the activity is that of electro-medical devices, in particular Lasers and Ultrasounds, and of the organization of medical events and more.

Guided by the value of the centrality of the person, a staff of collaborators was selected who would contribute to AMELVI also with their human values as well as their recognized professional skills.


AMELVI entered the market with a line of consistency towards its values and the choice proved to be the right one.


Today it is the exclusive distributor of Intermedic Arfran on a national level, through a commercial network and through the relationships of trust between agents and doctors, specialized personnel in every area of the sector to guarantee total and transversal competence and a serious and reliable assistance service to highest levels.


An entrepreneurial reality that has grown together and through the people it involves and are part of.

Image by S Migaj
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